Large aquarium acrylic aquarium market is heating up rapidly
The consumption market of large fish tanks is surging, and more and more hotel villas, supermarkets and playgrounds are optimistic about this new market, because large fish tanks have occupied an increasingly important position in the consumer market. Everyone knows that intimate contact with nature has become the pursuit of modern urbanites, and the refined aquarium landscape can make people and nature more close, it can beautify the environment, increase the humidity of the surrounding air, reduce dust, increase the content of negative oxygen ions, It can adjust the temperature and enjoy the spirit in a small range. Therefore, the large aquarium aquarium landscape has attracted more and more people's attention, especially for high-end customers.
At present, the domestic fish tank market manufacturers are numerous, with hundreds of large and small manufacturers, and the homogenization competition and the cottage phenomenon are serious. Relevant persons in Shanghai pointed out that the family fish tank market is highly concentrated, while the high-end large fish tanks are controlled by some manufacturers in Shanghai and Beijing. The ordinary family fish tanks are getting more and more due to lower barriers, cheaper prices, easy breakage and other factors. Restricted and developed, with the upgrading of the consumption of the Chinese fish tank market and the rise of the large fish tank market, the fish tank market will gradually move from the low end to the high end, and the preference for large fish tanks will increase step by step, thus gestating huge market growth opportunities.
Haiyao Aquarium, which landed in Beijing in March 2012, relied on the unique characteristics of acrylic sheet forging and cost-effective quality. It quickly rose in the “mixed war” in the northern market, and became a famous brand in the large fish tank market in the north, becoming a medium and high-end large-scale ornamental fish tank market. A microcosm of the potential explosion.
Compared with many similar manufacturers, Beijing Haiyao Aquarium has unique advantages. The manager of Beijing, Yuan Manager, said that Haiyao Aquarium not only pays attention to the material and appearance of large fish tanks, but also can customize the custom according to local conditions, such as shaped fish tanks. , cylindrical fish tanks, etc., and pay attention to the innovation of internal quality, the pursuit of the ultimate quality, adhere to the cost-effective price to provide owners with a leading trend and quality leading aquarium landscape, with smart fish tank landscaping and ornamental fish to help customers at work In the casual life, it shows the elegance of the place and the unique vitality to life.
The reporter learned that Beijing Haiyao Aquarium specializes in super-large and ultra-thick acrylic fish tank plates with a thickness of 20mm~500mm. The products produced use the most advanced biotechnology life-sustaining system and the latest casting technology, using seamless stitching of bulk polymerization. Made by law, it can ensure that the fish tank is solid and reliable, ensuring that the cylinder is not leaking. Moreover, compared with similar products on the market, the products produced by the company have the advantages of high ornamental, firm use and affordable price.
According to reports, Beijing Haiyao Aquarium can not only undertake the design, production, processing, installation and sales of the aquarium project, aquarium project, large acrylic borderless swimming pool, acrylic tunnel, aquarium landscape, but also according to the customer's personality. Demand, custom ornamental fish tank, ecological fish tank, aquarium fish tank, fish tank aquarium, cylindrical fish tank, shaped fish tank and other large fish tanks, etc., specializing in large aquarium projects, large aquarium ornamental industry, high-end hotel industry, marine entertainment industry customers Provide a package of solutions, as well as fish maintenance and equipment maintenance services.
According to industry analysts, acrylic fish tanks have become an important choice for modern urban home decoration, and the fish tank products produced by Beijing Haiyao Aquarium are superior to similar products on the market, both in terms of product quality and product design. Yes, the company's customized business has led the industry to develop in a personalized direction.

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