What should we do if the acrylic blister fails

The treatment of the crack at the bottom corner of the mold after pressing the acrylic base plate is as follows:
1. The bottom plate pressing is the best starting time controlled in about 2 minutes.
2. The four corners of the bottom plate of the bottom plate should be smooth and inclined.
The method for handling the bottom unevenness when the acrylic word is bonded to the bottom plate is as follows:
Buy a vertical electric belt machine with a wide format, put the word on the top and flatten the bottom, so as to increase the contact area between the bottom of the word and the bottom plate, so that the bond is more firm.
When the acrylic character is sucked, the surface of the word is covered by the suction pressure and the treatment method:
1. Two 2X2 thick-walled square tubes can be used to smash two crosses in one third with long screws. In the short part, the angle iron is welded to increase the contact area between the two ends, and four clips are prepared for use.
2. After the plate is baked soft, put it on the platform mold, and use a good clip to clamp the four sides of the plate and gently level it. When the platform is pressed half of the mold, the plate is pressed hard and the platform is pressed until the plate is compacted.
3. Weld two square boxes of the same size with square tubes and weld them to one side of the two boxes with two movable hinges. The other three sides are each welded with a movable hook or other thing to fix the four frames as active clips.
4. Cut the acrylic sheet size of the word to be pressed and clip it on the movable clip, and clamp the plate on the three sides. Put it into the softening box to soften the board. After softening, place the clips on the mold together, but make sure that the mold does not press the movable clip.

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