Precautions in the production process of acrylic products

There is definitely a loss in the process of acrylic processing. Avoiding it must be avoided. It can only be said to reduce the loss of large quantities. If you want to reduce it, you should pay attention to all aspects of the details. Let me explain the acrylic products in the production process. Some questions you must pay attention to. not directly touch the wind
After the glue has been glued, it is best not to directly touch the wind at the edge. If the wind blows quickly, the dry is fast, but the edge will be white due to rapid evaporation.
2.can not be directly exposed to sunlight
Acrylic Glue Adhesives should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time before they are fully cured. If it is irradiated for a long time, the bonding surface will be yellow, which will affect the final appearance of the plexiglass product. Therefore, before using the plexiglass product, especially when it is used outdoors, it must be used after the adhesive is completely cured. the best.
3.protect the place that does not need to be bonded
When the acrylic product is bonded, the glue is highly corrosive, and if it is dropped on the surface, it will leave traces that are difficult to eliminate. So be sure to use something to protect the areas that don't need to be bonded.

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