What are the advantages of acrylic display racks

Why are merchants more inclined to use acrylic display racks? What are the advantages of the display rack made by Acrylic?
High transmittance
The display stand in the mall will inevitably carry a lot of lighting to achieve the lighting effect, while the acrylic material has a transmittance of more than 92%, so in many cases, the plexiglass material is used to make the light box or the small display stand.
Easy to install
Acrylic sheets are easy to process and can be bonded directly, so that they can be combined with different combinations. This installation and mixing will increase the aesthetics of the cosmetic display stand.
High surface finish
It is necessary to choose a high-quality MDF because the inferior MDF has a rough surface and is rough. Therefore, choose a high-density, smooth-looking, paintable sheet. The high surface finish of the acrylic sheet is fully compliant.
Improve the overall image
Acrylic display stands help to increase brand awareness. You can print LOGO or advertising patterns on the acrylic display stand, which will help the brand to promote the popularity. The acrylic cosmetics display stand can not only display the products, but also produce advertising effects, which will help increase sales.
Although it is very succinct, but the good acrylic display rack can enhance the grade of cosmetics, a new design of acrylic cosmetics display rack can improve the exposure of cosmetics, which leads to the sale of cosmetics is also well documented. There are some stories like this. Some customers even buy cosmetics when they buy cosmetics. This is why the majority of cosmetics companies are keen to display products with acrylic display stands.
Wide processing range
In addition, it has the reputation of "plastic crystal" and has excellent weather resistance. It is especially used outdoors, in the crown of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and gloss. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various needs. Shapes and products.


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