Which industries can acrylic UV printing be applied to

Acrylic uv printers are widely used in various signage, field light box advertisements, badges, display cards, etc. Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, and the appearance is smooth and textured. Strong, high-grade, colorful, never fade, suitable for corporate image display, home decoration, high-end cafes, high-end hotels and various public places.
Decoration and decoration field
Acrylic uv printer can directly print the required drawings on the exterior of aluminum-plastic panel, MDF, fireproof board, ceiling, stone, glass, ceramics, etc., satisfying the needs of individual decoration and bringing good economic benefits to the decoration company. .
Signage industry
Acrylic uv printer can directly print pictures on the surface of various hard sign materials, instead of traditional signage processes such as screen printing, corrosion, filming, etc., which reduces the number of processes, reduces the cost, and increases the degree of solidity. It is a power signage and traffic signage. , safety indication signs, anti-cursor cards and other manufacturers of new ideal equipment.
Display panel manufacturing
Acrylic uv printer directly prints the required pictures on the appearance of various advertising plates such as Chevron board, KT board and plexiglass, instead of photo printing and laminating process, and it is non-foaming, non-degumming, low-cost, time-saving and efficient.
Rock painting, decoration painting industry
Acrylic printer can directly print pictures on wood products and ceramics instead of screen printing, handicraft painting and other processes. After the product is processed, the water resistance, abrasion resistance, radiation resistance and temperature difference target meet the requirements, and the individualized decoration needs are satisfied. The efficient and low-cost instant processing process, the emergence of UV inkjet printers, brings more vitality and artistic expression to the rock painting and decoration painting professions.
Glass industry
Acrylic uv printer can directly print various pictures on the glass surface instead of hand-painting, realizing the process of instant printing, high efficiency, low cost and rich color. The convenience of operation saves the glass industry customers a lot of cost. It has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.


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