What are the factors that affect the life of acrylic

When buying acrylic, in addition to caring about price and quality, the service life of acrylic is also a concern of everyone. To say the life of acrylic, you need to pay attention to the three aspects of acrylic materials, the environment and the way of use.
1. Fabrication materials: The quality of the materials will also affect the service life of acrylic products. Acrylic has domestic and imported products. Acrylic products processed by domestic acrylics will be yellow and not deformed after 2~3 years; Acrylic can be used for 10 years as long as it is properly maintained.
2. Environmental factors: Acrylic also has certain requirements for the use of the environment, when the temperature reaches 96 ° C acrylic will produce thermal deformation, the temperature is less than 9.2 ° C easy to embrittlement, sun and rain will also increase the reduction of its useful life, so acrylic products Not suitable for placement in harsh environments.
3. Usage: Improper use will seriously shorten the life. For example, if a product with more than its load is placed on the acrylic display stand, the acrylic display frame will be broken or damaged due to unbearable load.
If you want to extend the life of acrylic, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning, in order to maintain the quality and service life of the product, otherwise even the best products can be used for only a few months.

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