Acrylic thickness is a very important parameter index

Acrylic thickness is a very important parameter index. Generally, our general thickness at the time of purchase is basically below 10mm. Except for special plates or engraving plates, which will exceed this thickness, many people will worry that the thickness of the plate will affect transparency, especially Transparent plexiglass plate.
But in fact, there is no need to worry about this problem. The quality of a very thick board will generally be very good, and it will not affect the light transmittance of the board. In addition, the high-end processing technology can completely meet the demand.
The thickness standards are different. You need to buy according to your actual situation. Acrylic sheet is a colorless transparent organic glass sheet. The light transmittance can reach more than 92%. The most important thing is that the toughness is very strong and the impact resistance is very good. This kind of quality problem or potential safety hazard.
Acrylic is cast at high temperature. Its material composition is PMMA. It starts to melt above 150 degrees. Alcohol is a highly volatile liquid. It can volatilize quickly at room temperature. It is decomposed in the air with alcohol. , It will swell due to high temperature, and will shrink after ashing. So it will burst.
Therefore, if it is a general dust treatment, it can be washed with chicken blanket or water, and then wiped with a soft cloth. If the surface needs to be treated with oil, you can add water with a soft detergent and scrub it with a soft cloth. In addition, if the product is scratched or the surface wear is not serious, you can try to use a polishing machine or car waxing machine to install a cloth wheel, soak an appropriate amount of liquid polishing wax, and evenly polish it to improve it.

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