What glue can be used for acrylic plexiglass and other materials

Color difference control technology is recognized as one of the more difficult technologies to master, and it is also an important link for product quality control. First of all, there must be a suitable production environment including experienced manpower, advanced machinery and equipment, temperature and humidity of the site (climate), and reaction time (chemical reaction of raw materials). Second, there must be strict color matching processes and standards, and reliable color masterbatches. And other raw materials.
Some of these operating elements are controllable, and some are not controllable. For example, the climate environment, if it is controlled by manpower and not well controlled, it is easy to produce color difference. However, some environmental factors cannot be controlled under the current circumstances, so the slight color difference of different batches of products is inevitable. We welcome your suggestions on our product quality to help us improve it so that we can do it. better.
What glue can be used for acrylic plexiglass and other materials?
If it is a transparent plexiglass product, it is best to use UV glue. This glue is quickly cured under the condition of absorbing ultraviolet rays. After curing, it is transparent without traces and no air bubbles. Plexiglass products have no cracks and can withstand high temperatures of 150 degrees.
If it is an opaque organic glass product, AB glue can be used, and the effect is second only to UV glue after bonding. This glue is not corrosive to organic glass products. AB glued organic glass products can withstand high temperature of 85 degrees.

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