The difference between shiny acrylic board and matte acrylic board


Acrylic plexiglass sheet is generally divided into brig […]

Acrylic plexiglass sheet is generally divided into bright surface and matte surface from the material surface treatment. The material is the same, but the surface effect of different plates is different.

Bright surface naturally refers to a very shiny, smooth flat effect. High transparency, high brightness, and non-foaming are the basic quality requirements of shiny acrylic. No matter how thin or thick the material, such quality requirements can be achieved. This is why many fashionable high-end brands are in shopping malls. The terminal display will use a very thick glossy acrylic material.

Matte acrylic, also known as matte acrylic, compared with shiny acrylic, as the name implies, the surface of the product has a matte effect, and the surface characteristics of the material are opaque.

The biggest advantage of the matte acrylic is that after finishing the acrylic material by hand, the surface of the material is not easy to leave fingerprints on the surface of the material, which ensures the cleanliness of the product surface during use. And when the material is displayed and placed in the strong light environment of the shopping mall, exhibition hall and counter, due to the matte effect of the surface of the material, even if it is illuminated in a strong light environment, it will not cause the surface of the material to reflect light. See what is shown on the material surface.

Whether it is a shiny plexiglass sheet or a matte plexiglass sheet, it is used by many fashionable and well-known brands on the terminal display racks in shopping malls, and even some plexiglass product display racks will use both materials.