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The distinction between pure new material acrylic plate and recycled plate
1. Pure new material transparent acrylic board:
A: The light transmittance is greater than 92%, and the cross section is transparent and colorless.
B: Excellent UV resistance, no fading, loss of light, yellowing, cracking in outdoor 5-8 years
C: high surface hardness, comparable to aluminum and brass
D: excellent resistance to cracking and chemical resistance
E: High quality protective film that provides adequate protection
2. Recycled material recycled sheet transparent acrylic board:
A: The light transmittance is less than 86%, and the cross section is yellowed.
B: The UV resistance is very poor, it will be yellow for up to half a year, and cracks are easy to occur under sunlight.
C: low surface hardness, easy to scratch
D: easy to crack
E: The quality of the protective film is inferior and it is easy to age and deteriorate.
Identification method:
1. Return to the new material recycling board:
A: The appearance of the recycled board is yellow.
B: The surface is easily scratched, and the cutting is irritating.
C: When thermoforming is heated, bubble deformation is likely to occur.
D: sensitive to paints and inks, prone to silver streaks or cracks.
E: When burning, the foam emits black smoke and has a pungent odor.
2. pure new material acrylic plate:
A: The appearance of the recycled board is pure, especially from the cross section.
B: Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and the cut is non-irritating.
C: Bubbles and deformation are less likely to occur during thermoforming heating.
D: It is stable to paint and ink.
E: When burning, no blistering, no black smoke, no irritating odor.


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