How to make a good light effect in the acrylic light box

When the size of the light box is large, the inner structure needs to be supported. It is best not to fix it with screws after drilling the acrylic. It should be fixed by special adhesive or embedded in the frame. Note: There should be vents on the side of the light box.
In order for the acrylic light box to have a good visual effect, the relevant lighting configuration must be carefully considered. Because acrylic panels are rich in color and a wide variety of lighting fixtures, it seems unlikely that a simple set of rules will be in place to ensure that each of the different lightbox signatures has the best visual impact.
But for most forms of signage, the lighting method to be used is foreseeable. Every unique sign, logo, and light box needs to be pre-made to ensure the best lighting.
Brightness refers to the degree of brightness at a point on the surface when viewed from a pinned angle. Brightness is the most important design-related factor for illuminating labels under different optical concepts. In the following content, the concept of brightness and the application will be described in detail based on actual conditions.
Brightness can be simply defined as "brightness". In addition to the brightness of the light box signboard, there are many other determinants, including the size, color, location of the observation, the brightness of the surrounding environment, and the age and maintenance of the light box signboard. Illuminated signboards installed in well-lit urban locations will appear slightly darker than the same illuminated signboards installed in darker countryside. The brightness of the light box signboard should be enough to attract people's attention, but not too bright to disturb the surrounding residents or distract the driver.
The brightness of the illuminating logo and signboard is determined by the following five main factors:
1. The number, type, light output, color, and position of the lamp in the light box
2. Material - Transmittance, light reflection, light absorption, and diffusion factor of the acrylic plate used
3. light box - size, special light box thickness and the reflection factor of the paint or other towel attached material used inside the light box
4. light absorption - the effect of light tubes and electrical devices inside the light box on light
5. Maintenance—The light output intensity will decrease with the increase of the service life and the dust accumulated inside the light box.

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