The bonding of acrylic sheets is mainly affected by two aspects
The bonding of acrylic sheets is a very important part in the processing of acrylic products. How to show the clear and transparent characteristics of acrylic, reflect the value of acrylic crafts, maximize the grade and taste of acrylic crafts, bonding technology plays a decisive role here.

Acrylic sheet bonding skills are very important
Acrylic sheet bonding techniques are also very important. The following are some common bonding techniques to analyze their practical skills.

Temperature also has a certain impact on the bonding of acrylic sheet
Plane bonding is a special method. First wipe the surface to be cleaned and place it horizontally, and put a proper amount of Crestron products on it. One side of the other acrylic sheet was placed obliquely on the adhesive-coated acrylic, and then uniformly lowered slowly, and the bubbles were extruded from one side to complete the bonding.

What should we do if the acrylic blister fails
The treatment of the crack at the bottom corner of the mold after pressing the acrylic base plate is as follows: 1. The bottom plate pressing is the best starting time controlled in about 2 minutes. 2. The four corners of the bottom plate of the bottom plate should be smooth and inclined.

Why are there quality problems in acrylic handprints
1. The choice of mesh size of acrylic crafts is not suitable: if the mesh is too high, the mesh is smaller than the diameter of the printed particles, it will block the net; if the mesh is too low, the edge of the screen will be sawtooth, and the amount of ink will be produced. Increase, making the graphic level poorly performing;

How to make a good light effect in the acrylic light box
When the size of the light box is large, the inner structure needs to be supported. It is best not to fix it with screws after drilling the acrylic. It should be fixed by special adhesive or embedded in the frame. Note: There should be vents on the side of the light box.