What are the advantages of ultra-thin light boxes made with acrylic

What are the advantages of acrylic slim light boxes? The plexiglass slim light box has the following advantages over the general plexiglass light box:
First, the appearance is ultra-thin and beautiful:
The structurally strong light guide plate solves the defect that the traditional light box is too heavy and limited in use; the thickness is between 1 cm and 4 cm, the thickness of the light guide plate is 25~45MM, and the traditional light box is 120~180MM, the limit is reduced. range.
Second, energy saving and environmental protection:
The ultra-thin light box is made of plexiglass plate, which has good light transmittance and more than 70% energy saving than the traditional light box, which can greatly reduce the operating cost. At the same time, it meets the requirements of government energy conservation and environmental protection. The illumination is even, comfortable, soft, and high-brightness. Product advertising effect. Recommended reading
Third, the use of security:
The light guide plate of the protection advertisement screen does not generate heat, thereby avoiding the baking of the light tube to the picture, ensuring that the light box is safe during use, the picture is not faded, and is not deformed. In the traditional light box, a row of fluorescent tubes is arranged, and the picture is uneven and bright, and there is a shadow, which is prone to "ribs" phenomenon, which affects the advertising effect.
Fourth, easy to install and maintain
Replacing the lamp is simpler and faster. It can be replaced in five minutes, using fewer lamps, saving the cost of lamp and ballast replacement. It can greatly reduce installation and maintenance man-hours and reduce maintenance costs.
Fifth, the quality is stable and reliable
The life of the light guide plate is 8-10 years.
Plexiglass ultra-thin light boxes are widely used: mainly in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, airports, terminals, subways, stations, wedding photo studios, exhibitions and other industries.

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