Simple identification method for acrylic materials
Buying materials is most afraid of buying plates without quality assurance. After all. a plate is not cheap. Take the acrylic plate as an example. The board can vary from a few hundred to a thousand. How to buy a safe board. the following suggestions are for reference:

What are the advantages of ultra-thin light boxes made with acrylic
What are the advantages of acrylic slim light boxes? The plexiglass slim light box has the following advantages over the general plexiglass light box: First, the appearance is ultra-thin and beautiful:

Precautions in the production process of acrylic products
There is definitely a loss in the process of acrylic processing. Avoiding it must be avoided. It can only be said to reduce the loss of large quantities. If you want to reduce it, you should pay attention to all aspects of the details. Let me explain the acrylic products in the production process. Some questions you must pay attention to.

Acrylic cast-in-place plates have a certain coefficient of expansion
Acrylic bonding surface should be cleaned. If there are impurities such as dust and pores, bubbles will be formed when bonding, and the glue will flow unevenly. Glue should be appropriate When bonding, if the amount is used less, it will appear if it is not hit, and bubbles will be generated. More will overflow, so you must use the right amount when bonding, long-term processing work, pay attention to the amount of glue used.

What are the advantages of acrylic display racks
Why are merchants more inclined to use acrylic display racks? What are the advantages of the display rack made by Acrylic? High transmittance The display stand in the mall will inevitably carry a lot of lighting to achieve the lighting effect, while the acrylic material has a transmittance of more than 92%, so in many cases, the plexiglass material is used to make the light box or the small display stand.

Acrylic sheet is a chemical polymer material
People in the advertising industry will not be unfamiliar with these materials: acrylic sheets, hibiscus boards, organic boards and PVC boards. These are all very common advertising materials. So what do they mean separately? Here's a brief introduction: