The cast acrylic sheet has strong stiffness

Performance characteristics
1. Light density, acrylic is a relatively lightweight material Density is only 1.19-1.20, about half of ordinary glass, 43% of metal aluminum
2. Has good flame resistance, does not spontaneously ignite and can self-extinguish
3. With excellent electrical insulation, it is a high-frequency insulation material that is very suitable for the radio instrument industry.
4. It has good light transmittance, the light transmittance is over 92%, it is more than 10% higher than ordinary glass, and it has crystal texture and luster.
5. Not afraid of tide, not afraid of water, no mold, no bacteria, corrosion resistance.
6. Impact resistance, which is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, and there is almost no risk of breakage.
Acrylic classification
Acrylic sheet is divided into casting board and extrusion board according to the production process. According to the transmittance, it can be divided into transparent board and translucent board (including transparent board of dyeing board); according to the performance, there are anti-impact board, anti-UV board and color board (including Black and white and color plates), ordinary plates and special plates such as high impact plates, flame retardant plates, frosted plates, metal effect plates, high wear plates, light guide plates, etc.
Acrylic molding process
Acrylic molding processes commonly used in industrial production include casting, injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming.

Casting is mainly used for the forming of profiles such as acrylic sheets and bars. After forming, the products need to be post-treated to be used. The cast acrylic sheet has strong stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance, and has unparalleled flexibility in color system and surface texture effects.

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