Indoor humidity has a direct impact on the bonding of acrylic products
Acrylic products are popular with people in a variety of colors, shapes and other characteristics, such as acrylic display stand, acrylic crafts, acrylic billboards and other useful to glue the process, glue is also a technical activity, need to operate The personnel have the patience and skill to be skilled; if the glue is played well, it will directly affect the appearance of the product. If it is played less, it will not stick well. If it is hit, it will overflow the glue. If the pressure is not strong, bubbles will appear.

The difference between the superior and inferior acrylic plates and the identification method
Acrylic is everywhere, and one product is the most favored acrylic, that is, the large and small merchandise display racks on the market, ranging from mobile display stands to commodity containers. However, due to the characteristics of Acrylic Bunsen, long-term exposure to the outside is inevitable, there will be scratches, and secondly, it will be contaminated with dust and stains, which will greatly reduce the display effect

Precautions in the production process of acrylic products
There is definitely a loss in the process of acrylic processing. Avoiding it must be avoided. It can only be said to reduce the loss of large quantities. If you want to reduce it, you should pay attention to all aspects of the details. Let me explain the acrylic products in the production process. Some questions you must pay attention to.

The cast acrylic sheet has strong stiffness
Performance characteristics 1. Light density, acrylic is a relatively lightweight material Density is only 1.19-1.20, about half of ordinary glass, 43% of metal aluminum 2. Has good flame resistance, does not spontaneously ignite and can self-extinguish 3. With excellent electrical insulation, it is a high-frequency insulation material that is very suitable for the radio instrument industry.

Acrylic and PVC are two very different materials
Injection molding is carried out by using pellets obtained by suspension polymerization as raw materials and molding on a conventional plunger type or screw type injection molding machine. It should be noted that due to the poor fluidity of the acrylic particles, the flow resistance of the injection molding system is small, and the gates should be larger in size, the surface of the cavity and the runner should be smooth, and post-treatment is required after molding. To eliminate internal stress.

How to deal with the failure of acrylic blister
The treatment of the crack at the bottom corner of the mold after pressing the acrylic base plate is as follows: 1. The bottom plate pressing is the best starting time controlled in about 2 minutes. 2. The four corners of the bottom plate of the bottom plate should be smooth and inclined. The method for handling the bottom unevenness when the acrylic word is bonded to the bottom plate is as follows: