The difference between the superior and inferior acrylic plates and the identification method

Acrylic is everywhere, and one product is the most favored acrylic, that is, the large and small merchandise display racks on the market, ranging from mobile display stands to commodity containers. However, due to the characteristics of Acrylic Bunsen, long-term exposure to the outside is inevitable, there will be scratches, and secondly, it will be contaminated with dust and stains, which will greatly reduce the display effect. So to maintain its clean gloss, often use a milder detergent. Care spray wax and cleansing care agent. These ancillary products are more helpful in maintaining the appearance and gloss of the product. It can also be waxed, and a soft cloth can be used to evenly wipe part of the liquid polishing wax on the surface to protect the plexiglass from the outside.
The quality of acrylic (plexiglass) needs to be judged by our consumers, because the market is full of recycling boards. The so-called recycling board refers to the use of recycled acrylic trim, which is thermally degraded to obtain recycled MMA (methyl methacrylate). A monomer, which is obtained from a chemical polymerization reaction. This is also available in foreign countries, but there will be a scientific waste recycling program in foreign countries, and invested heavily in the construction of a waste cracking plant. After a rigorous process, the pure MMA monomer can be regained, so that the quality of the product is obtained. The difference with the new product is very small. However, due to too many piles in China, but also insufficient investment, there have been many small workshops that are lopsided in the pursuit of profit. The products produced in this way are not uncommon in the market, and the price is very attractive, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.
Let's take a look at the pure new transparent acrylic plate:
Excellent UV resistance, no yellowing outdoors for 10 years, no fading, loss of light, no cracking; light transmittance greater than 92%, transparent and colorless at the cross section; high surface hardness, comparable to aluminum and brass; resistance to cracking and Excellent chemical resistance; high quality protective film provides adequate protection.
Return transparent acrylic sheet:
UV resistance is very poor, yellowing will occur for up to half a year, cracks are easy to occur under sunlight; light transmittance is less than 86%, yellow at the cross section; low surface hardness, easy to scratch; easy to crack; poor quality of protective film, easy to age Deterioration. The pros and cons of acrylic (plexiglass) are mainly the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials, and the quality of the raw materials is better.

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